Improve patient care, as well as profitability, by outsourcing everyday operations to COL.

From recruitment to training and supervision of all Technical and Clerical positions, COL will supervise all staff functions including payroll, HR (human resources), HIPAA Compliance and Training, continuing education as well as all Required or Desired Certifications.

Facility Management
Policies that impact patient care and efficiency, such as scheduling, wait time, patient/physician satisfaction, transcription and reporting, are developed and executed by COL.

Contract Management
COL’s Managed Care Department will negotiate new, or improve current PAYOR contracts, as well as keep its partners or clients abreast of changes in the managed care marketplace.

From credentialing to accreditation and licensing, according to current state and federal requirements, COL is responsible for on-going quality assurance monitoring.

From purchasing or upgrading of equipment, to negotiation of service contracts, COL manages all facets of procurement.

– COL can provide 24/7 support
– HL7 interfaces with multiple billing partners
– Offsite patient data and image storage in accordance with HIPAA regulations
– Secure web-based PACS system for referring physicians to have access to patient images and reports.

COL strategically plans marketing efforts based on each center’s unique competitive advantage and through relationship building with referring physicians.

Comprehensive billing and collections, utilizing uniform standards to manage receivables and maximize reimbursements.